What is Dryland Training (DT)?

Diving is a difficult sport involving unnatural skills in aerial awareness. Dryland training has become as much a part of diving as the actual pool time, regardless if you’re a beginner or an Olympian. By using trampoline, dryboard, and gymnastic mats, divers can achieve the primary objectives: simulations and repetitions; DT allows divers to improve movements in a shorter time without the added risk of hitting the water. At the Thunder Bay Diving Club, our DT is a culmination of drills, exercises, and other specific movements to diving, and also allows our divers to increase their strength, agility, and flexibility. Divers should have shorts and a t-shirt for DT.


What are the advantages to joining as a club member?

Club membership affords more attention from coaches, more technical tips, and builds more confidence in the child. Club members get a chance to experience competition in our mini meets, which occur a few times throughout the year. Diving progressions are evaluated in terms of skill development, strength, flexibility, sport-specific movements, and our club members have the opportunity to be tested for their next level at specific times in the season. Our members can learn what they need to reach their next goal. Every child, upon entry into the membership, will be tested on criteria that indicate a predisposition for diving. The coaching staff will use this test as a baseline going forward, and will retest during the season to track progress. This testing is invaluable for the coaching staff, as well as in terms of physical literacy for the child. Members who have exemplified the desire, attitude, and physical demands of the sport, may be offered extra training or other opportunities.

What are competition lists?

Competition lists comprise a set number of dives, depending on age. The older/more advanced the diver gets, the higher the number of skills they are expected to show in competition. There are different levels of competition as well, so most children can be accommodated somewhere. Parents in the membership receive a comprehensive document that acts as a primer for competitions.

How much time does my child need on each Junior Development (JD) level?

We can provide an approximate timeline based on how quickly your child is grasping and utilizing the skills being taught. Every child is different, and they can choose to accelerate or decelerate their progress dependent upon their comfort levels. Each JD level is a distinct accomplishment and holds certain challenges. We feel that these necessary skills are required to prepare the divers for future success.

What are ‘Bubbles’?

In 1981 the Canada Games Complex pool was installed with access to a large air compressor and tank. When engaged, the bubbles rise to the surface and disturb the surface tension of the water, creating a softer, ‘security blanket’ landing while the athlete gains confidence with new dives. This is an invaluable tool for us, and was invented by a Canadian diving pioneer and coach, Herb Flewelling.

Does my child require a team jacket?

All of our competitive divers are required to travel wearing their team jackets. If there is a chance that your child will be competing, it is recommended that a jacket be ordered to get a better group rate, and eliminate last-minute disappointments.