Flip and Rip (Assistant Coach)

This is a group who have outgrown our Li’l Lightning and Learn to Dive programs in terms of their skill set, attitude, and potential, but have decided that the best aspects of our sport are based around the exciting sensation of somersaulting and having fun, rather than pursue the elite path to National diving (JD II and beyond). It is realized that they may need more time to develop mentally, physically, or emotionally before continuing further in competitive diving, if they wish. Competitions also exist for this level of skill. This group has been trained up to now with the same criteria as their peers, and therefore with extra effort they can change their path towards a higher level of competition in the future. This group continues to work on improving the skills they have while adding more. Dryland training continues to play a vital role, with more emphasis on development of motor skills, power, and flexibility that diving demands. Our Flip and Rip divers work towards their competition lists on springboards and platforms, or skills that will later help the divers fulfill their competition lists. 2 ½ hour practices, 2 times per week.

Competitive Foundations (Assistant Coach)

The Competitive Foundations group provides club members with the opportunity to practice in an environment where they work more closely with their coach towards perfecting their movements and skills, both in dryland training as well as in the pool. Where competitive diving is the primary goal, this is our most appropriate route to initiate the necessary diving skills. Competitive Foundation divers have shown natural talent and the desire to enhance their skills. The divers work on the ‘building block’ movements in the sport from where all other dives originate. Thunder Bay Diving Club has created four levels of Junior Development, not unlike the belt levels of achievement in the martial arts.

JD I: Sport Entrance

By invitation or inquiry (with audition), this is our best place to enter diving for any parent with the desire for their child to have the highest potential for future competitive diving. The ideal age range is 5-8 years, but older children still have the potential to excel. At this point, the child determines whether they prefer the fun aspect of diving more than the competitive direction. We can then stream the child into the most appropriate group, be it the Competitive Foundations or the Flip & Rip diving programs.

The JD I is an introduction to competitive skill sets with a focus on fun, fitness and basic motor skill movements. This program is more structured and advanced than our Li’l Lightning or Learn-to-Dive programs. The fun and reward is derived from the sense of accomplishment. The movements are instructed at a more specific level of detail, where high repetitions of movements are drilled repeatedly until the desired movement is accomplished in the skill. High repetitions give our divers muscle memory of the proper mechanics in diving. Much emphasis is on Dryland training, building the proper motor skills, core, stability and strength necessary to move properly through both air and water. Dryland training focuses on body alignment and posture in preparation for any dive; like skating, gymnastics, martial arts, and dance, maintaining proper alignment throughout the entire dive is critical in our sport. Advanced skills are attempted only when the desired body alignment on basic movements is attained. For the parent this training might appear excessive, but we ask you to keep in mind that learning proper body alignment at a young age will pay dividends throughout the child’s life, regardless of how far they go in diving. 2X per week for 2 ½ hours.

JD I skills:

  • Front jumps tuck, pike, and straight. 1m, 3m, 5m platform. Standing, and with hurdle/approach
  • Back jumps tuck, pike, straight. 1m, 3m, 5m platform
  • Back fall-in straight, 1m, 3m • Front roll-off tuck, pike. 3m
  • Back roll-off tuck. 3m • Front dive tuck. 1m, 3m • Back dive tuck. 1m, 3m
  • Inward dive tuck. 1m, 3m • Front somersault tuck. 1m

JD II Advanced Entry

By invitation or audition, this program targets children that have an affinity or a natural aptitude toward the sport of diving (trampoline, gymnastics, or simply being a bit of a daredevil). JD II is designed to build the foundation skill sets needed for future elite performance in the sport of diving. Ideally, athletes progress through each level from JD I to JD IV. They begin to focus on adding more advanced skills with the same goal of body alignment, posture, and good core movements. The sequence of movements on a ‘kick-out’ or ‘come-out’ of dives begins at this stage. These classes entail a significant amount of Dryland training geared toward gymnastic skills, tumbling, core and strength training. Building upon the skills they’ve developed up to this point, divers attaining JD II level will be ready for either the Provincial levels of competitive diving, and beyond. It is normal for most divers to attain this level and take the necessary time to continue working diligently to compete provincially, before moving up to National levels. 2-3X/week for 2 ½ hours.

JD II skills:

  • Front dives tuck, pike. 1m, 3m, 5m platform
  • Front roll-off tuck, pike. 3m, 5m platform
  • Back roll-off tuck. 5m platform
  • Back dives tuck, pike. 1m, 3m, 5m platform
  • Reverse dives tuck. 1m, 3m • Inward dives tuck, pike. 1m, 3m, 5m platform
  • Front 1 ½ somersaults tuck. 1m, 3m, 5m platform
  • Back somersault tuck. 1m • Inward somersault tuck. 1m

JD III Technical Entrance

By invitation or audition, this level is an extension of JD II. Added to the list of skills to acquire are handstand dives, and more complicated dives that require more skill. As difficulty of the dives increase, the emphasis remains on good form. Dryland training begins to include more strength and conditioning and trampoline with spotting belt. Provincially competitive, and perhaps if enough effort is put into perfecting movements, Nationally competitive. 3X/week. 2 ½ hours.

JD III skills:

  • Armstand dive. Bulkhead of pool.
  • Armstand fall-over. Bulkhead of pool
  • Reverse dives tuck, pike. 1m, 3m, 5m platform
  • Front 1 ½ somersaults, pike. 3m, 5m platform
  • Back 1 ½ somersaults, tuck. 3m, 5m platform
  • Reverse somersault, tuck. 1m
  • Inward 1 ½ somersaults, tuck. 3m, 5m platform
  • Back roll-off pike. 5m platform
  • Back somersault, pike. 1m
  • Front somersault, straight. 1m, 3m platform
  • Back somersault, straight. 1m, 3m platform

JD IV: Advanced Technique

By invitation or audition, this program prepares divers to be more competitive at the National level. An enhanced level that incorporates all the needed skills that have been worked on up to this point, into particular dives. Emphasis continues on body alignment, good form, and proper execution of dives. Dryland training continues to build core strength, stability, agility, and flexibility. 7.5m platform is added to continue conditioning the body. 3-4X/week. 2 ½ hours.

JD IV skills:

  • Front somersault, 1 twist. 1m, 3m platform
  • Back somersault, ½ twist. 1m, 3m platform
  • Back armstand fall-off. Bulkhead of pool, 3m platform
  • Front double somersault, tuck. 1m
  • Roll-off pike. 7.5m platform
  • Pike dives: front, back, reverse, and inward. 7.5m platform
  • Front 2 ½ somersaults, tuck. 3m
  • Reverse 1 ½ somersaults, tuck. 3m
  • Back 1 ½ somersaults, pike. 3m
  • Back 1 ½ somersaults, pike. 5m platform
  • Armstand front somersault, pike. 5m, 7.5m platform

It is from these programs that our coaching staff will identify children possessing natural talent, good listening and concentration skills, as well as a specific set of diving skills. These children will be invited to join the Competitive Team.


Our group of competitive divers practice lists of dives that are at the National or International level, and proudly represent our city and club. This group travels to diving meets occurring throughout the winter, spring and summer months. Our competitors get recognition within the club, as well as exposure in the media. Highly competitive divers have numerous opportunities, including earning positions on Provincial and National teams to compete abroad, corporate sponsorships, athletic scholarships, employment, and more. 5X per week, plus morning workouts and extracurricular classes.