The Thunder Bay Diving Club formed after the city hosted the 1981 Canada Games, and has never looked back. Since our inception, we have strived to develop children into confident athletes that represent their city well. Historically, Thunder Bay Diving Club has produced numerous Provincial, National and International champions, including 1992 Olympian Mary Depiero and 1994 Commonwealth Games champion and new head coach Jason Napper. Our newest international champion is St. Ignatius student Molly Carlson, who has won International gold medals in 2013 and 2014. The future is bright here in Thunder Bay, as we continue to ‘choose to be excellent’.



Thousands of Thunder Bay youth have experienced one of our diving programs since 1982, and made some life-long friends along the way! Thunder Bay Diving Club has several directions a young diver can take, and we’re happy to make an impact on your child’s development.




In order to develop both champions and friendships, we need to provide various programs for all ages and interests. We feel that we’ve done that, from our Li’l Lightning beginner divers, all the way to our highest competitive athletes. Keep in mind that a chosen path today can be changed in the future as desires change. We provide an environment that is both challenging and fulfilling, as well as fun. We have a qualified and competent coaching staff, most of whom were provincially or nationally competitive athletes. Children with a gymnastic or trampoline background might be especially interested in diving.




We have hard working parents that contribute a great deal to the club in their spare time. We have had additional assistance from community supporters, and would like to thank them for their generosity.  If you are considering supporting the Thunder Bay Diving Club please check out our sponsorship package!



TBDC is lead by Head Coach Jason Napper and a Volunteer Board of Directors. If you have any comments, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact any of the members of our coaching or administrative team at 807-684-3341 or